Beautiful reviews and feedback received from clients that have worked with Marilou Coombe.

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Helena Ryan


When Marilou first told me about her mother’s circle, I knew I needed to be involved. Marilou doesn’t just bring her vibrancy, warmth and heart to the work she does, she brings an incredible coaching tool kit as well. What I love about these sessions is that she is able to hear what is really going on and ask one simple question so that I see the piece I’m needing to see. She seems to know just what to ask. Marilou has an incredible skill of connecting and I’m so glad she is a mentor and inspiration for me along my motherhood journey. Her circles are must have for mothers who want to work on their mindset, understand their values and the use of their language that impacts their family as well as themselves.


I have been fortunate enough to have met and worked with Marilou over the last few months and I can't thank her enough for how far I have come on my journey of being a mum. I was at a point where I felt stuck and confused and since I have been working with Marilou as my coach my whole mindset has changed, I have discovered new and exciting things about myself and I have this new found confidence in parenting and life in general. Nothing was ever too much for Marilou and her analogies really helped me in seeing things differently and being able to put that into my daily life. Thank you Marilou I look forward to working again with you in the future when the time calls.

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K. Connor

Melissa Sue


Marilou Coombe you are so amazing ???????? I got so much out of my vision board planning session with you, I keep it next to my computer and look at it every day!I imagine I'm already sitting at the new desk I'm going to buy and on my new comfy computer chair - this has been such a game changer for me. Your positivity has a way of rubbing off, no one would be able to resist taking on board the amazing message you have to share. From the bottom of my ❤️, thank you.

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