Gratitude Workbook To Change Your Life And Mindset

Need a mindset change? Need help seeing the value in different parts of your life? Grab this gratitude workbook that was created to help you do just that!

What’s so different about this gratitude workbook? It took a year to create it as I practiced every single exercise in it for myself and witnessed my own transformation. I’ve reframed and found value in even the traumatic events in my life. I’ve also ran these challenges in several groups and watched them transform lives.

And the best part is.. it made me a much better mother!

Just under 100 pages to help you thru mindset, self-love, visions and every aspect of your life. The artwork is a bonus to help you unwind !!

Want one that is more child friendly?? You can buy one for your child too, targeted with exercises to help them into a growth mindset.

Includes postage worldwide

You can purchase here:

Gratitude Workbook
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