We love you Dad!

Hey Dads,

Do you know the important role you play from day 1 in your child’s life regardless of their gender?

You are your son’s hero, that person he would emulate (yep think mini me), YOU are the person who he will want to measure up to for the rest of HIS life. Let that sink in!

You are your daughter’s first prince charming, that person she will compare every other guy to, she will always be your biggest admirer.

This Father’s Day, we want to celebrate you.  For the man that you are not as well as the man you are! It is a tough time being a man!  There has been so many changes to your role and the expectations placed upon you, sometimes it is confusing as to what is needed from you! So, let me share this with you, from a mother, wife and daughter.

  • Please be yourself – Go out and do the things that truly light up your heart.  Not going to bars or sitting in front of the TV to numb out.  Or the staying back at work till ungodly hours because you think that is the only way to measure your worth.  That is an excuse to dim your light.  I mean the things you truly love doing. By watching you do this, it gives me permission in all those areas (mum, wife and daughter) to do the same.  It is inspiring watching you become the man you want to be!
  • Look after yourself – I love and appreciate that your mission is to look after and provide for the family. But please remember if you don’t look after yourself, you may not be around long enough to look after us after all.
  • Just listen and/or watch– It is in your nature to want o fix and find solutions to an issue we may be facing. As your child, I will never learn if you don’t step back and allow me to learn. Giving me responsibility helps and although it is quicker and less frustrating for you to do it yourself, I will never learn if you fix it all for me.  Just listening and watching, knowing you are there to support me, gives me more confidence and makes me feel safe, more than you will ever know.

I just want to say thank you! You are doing great and remember – we are all learning as we go. After all none of us came with a manual on how to be parents. Only we can write that book as we travel thru life with our little humans, so write your book with awareness and have fun in the process!

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