Starting Grade one!

Wowsa.. My big boy started grade 1 today. I thought he would find it really hard to go back after 7 weeks off school.  At drop off, he saw his best friend, called his name and ran off.  I stood there feeling a little teary and getting my first taste of the end of my micro management stage!  What a mix of polar opposite emotions. Pride! Sadness! Excitement! Relief!

On one hand, my heart was bursting with pride as he had the confidence to run off and not need me.  On the other hand, I had a pang in my heart witnessing how fast our children grow up right in front of us and they no longer need us (on the surface).  

Our first born are the base board for everything. Not only do they cop the trials and errors of our parenting, they also test us and bring us to the brink and back.  All these firsts in parenthood.

I stood there and watched him grab his bag when the bell rang, line up and head into the building with a big grin and a small sheepish wave! 

Luckily for me, I had my 4 year old and hubby with me, who kept me distracted and had my bucket filled as we headed to our local café for morning hot cuppas!

Next year will be a whole new experience when both are in school!  Every year, has it’s own milestones I believe. 

At pick up, he runs out of class with a big hug and kiss, showing that he missed me and excited to tell me all about his first day! 

I am such a proud mumma right now!

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