Random Acts of Kindness

I recently asked my FB friends list to name random acts of kindness they have either been recipients of or done themselves.. This is a list of 50 responses I compiled together for you.

  1. Buy a stranger coffee
  2. Helping someone with their groceries to the car
  3. Taking a lost dog home
  4. Racing after someone to give them their ID they dropped 3 blocks back
  5. Add coins to a parking meter
  6. Gifts and freebies like the Woolworths stickers that you don’t collect – hand them to the people behind you in the line and see the kids faces light up
  7. A cooked meal for someone doing it tough.
  8. Go to someone’s house and help them with some chores, picking up the kids etc
  9. The massage therapist taking the hair tie out of my hair for me.
  10. Giving someone a coin for a trolley
  11. Messaging people and just randomly telling them you love them
  12. Posting something that someone needs (like medical supplies)
  13. Offer a listening ear for support
  14. Telling a stranger they look beautiful
  15. Give someone a smile (real, heartfelt)
  16. Leave a positive note on someone’s windscreen
  17. Bake a cake and take it to the fire station
  18. spend time at a nursing home
  19. 24 days of giving every December with my son rather than the chocolate calendar
  20. Take old blankets and towels to the local pound
  21. Ringing someone just to say you are thinking of them
  22. Giving up your seat for someone on the train
  23. Helping travelers up the stairs with their heavy suitcases
  24. Buy someone a carpark ticket or give them your all day one once you are done
  25. Buy a homeless person food
  26. Taking the time to listen to someone
  27. Write someone a thoughtful letter
  28. Stopping to chat to an elderly person you pass on a walk
  29. Giving a Mum a big smile & telling her she’s doing a great job, when her child is throwing themselves around having a tantrum in a public place. She’s probably a heartbeat away from tears herself. A smile can do a lot.
  30. leave $5 notes or kind affirmations at books in book stores.
  31. Giving hand massage and reiki to the elderly in a NURSING home.
  32. leave little packs of nappies/sample wipes/nappy sacks in parenting rooms.
  33. Messaging Abby Marie and telling her how amazing she is just to make her day better because I was having a bad one and I thought well if I’m having a bad day that means someone else is to so I seen Abby at MMF and never got to introduce myself so I took the time to message her and make her day much better.
  34. Can’t beat a free hugs stall in my opinion
  35. Buy sanitary items for homeless women
  36. stay focused on my customer and really listen
  37. Go to a random person, and say I get u and u r not alone
  38. Walk the elderly along the street or help out at meal time in a nursing home.
  39. Be in front garden and say hello to people going past
  40. Donate clothes to someone you know is finding it tough or just share between friends.
  41. Someone moving in the street, give them a meal to help out.
  42. Send a lovely card to someone with a scent on it
  43. Put a note in someone’s letterbox about a garden of theirs or a feature of their house that you’ve always admired
  44. Shared my Mango with this young hustler today
  45. Hold the lift door
  46. Deliver hampers to people in need over Christmas
  47. Buy someone a meal
  48. Hold a baby for a mum who needs to go have a shower!
  49. Cook someone a meal and take it over
  50. On that note.. this is a true story!   y husband gave a homeless man $50 and 24 hours later his father rang and said You’ll never guess what happened? The man in front of me paid for my petrol. It was $50


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