My youngest is now at school!

I knew this day would one day come, but I honestly did not expect it to come so fast! How do these tiny screaming and cuddly babies grow up so fast? You know those early sleepless days you wish would just end, and just like that, your youngest is about to start primary school. It truly feels like a blink of an eye!  My heart feels a mix of emotions. Not sadness, not happiness. A combination of nostalgia at those younger years, at how being their mum, I was their absolute world and they encompassed my world.  My work, chores, thoughts and plans all revolved around them.  Of course, those elements still will be, just in different ways.

As we get uniforms, bags, lunch boxes ready and label it all with my youngest’s name, I can feel both of my boys’ excitement at them going to school together.  Their bond is quite clear which somehow makes it that bit easier.  Knowing they have each other if they need it in the big playground is comforting.

As bittersweet as this all is, I do think about all the benefits to me in an empty house during the day.  My mental list gets quite large, and as with all things, I do remember everything has a polarity, and when I dig deeper, there is a greater value!

I choose to focus on and daydream about:

  • How my children are progressing in life
  • How independent they can be at such a young age
  • How I will structure my days now
  • And how productive those days will be
  • What quality time I can spend with them outside of school
  • How I can support them on their learning journey
  • What self-care time will I set for myself daily, even if it is only 5 minutes
  • How will I celebrate this milestone

The list goes on and on!

I know there is so much more of these emotions and thoughts to come as I watch friends with their youngest starting high school or finishing up and starting out into the “real” world. I guess no matter what stage our children are at, we will have some sort of feeling came up for us to deal with, and that is what makes us wonderful human beings able to feel and love unconditionally!  It also adds to our growth and evolution.

So today, I invite you to feel the feels and focus on the positives that arise from all of it… and remember to enjoy the moments when they are little!

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