Let’s talk about Children’s Anxiety

Has Anxiety in children always been prevalent or is this a new issue they face?

I personally am seeing it or reading about it a lot! And it truly breaks my heart. I ask myself why? How? And what are the adults in their life doing about it?  

As a yoga teacher and children’s life coach, I want to share a few things with you to consider. When we do everything for our children and we micromanage them beyond the first 5 years of their life, we can adversely create anxiety.  When we ignore our children, we can create anxiety. When we yell, we can create anxiety. When we, ourselves, have anxiety, it generally creates that in our children.  

And let me make this clear, this is NOT about blame of self and an excuse to take on the anxiety for yourself, but rather an opportunity for you to be aware and know you can help the situation. And help your child. So, if your child exhibits anxiety or anxiety like behavior consider the following few tips:

·       Firstly, teach them to come back into their body – mindfulness and being present help with anxiety a lot! Often, Anxiety comes from not feeling like we are in control and most of the time it is because our thoughts are about future events of what could happen/what if etc..  So, practice mindfulness and being in the present moment

 ·       Talk it out with them whilst practicing your listening skills. Let them pour their heart out. No need to fix anything as they are not broken. Listen to their emotions and validate them and then look for ways together to move towards the feelings they would rather feel

 ·       Slow down. Do they really need all the activities and events happening in their life? Take breaks and just allow the child to lead and spend their days in nature or creative play at their leisure.

 ·       Encourage and help your child to take charge. By avoiding a situation due to the anxiety built up over it, the child misses out on the chance to see that things are not as bad as they believe they are.

 ·       Monitor what they watch, read and listen to. Children absorb so much of their surrounding unconsciously. Do they really need to watch the news and about the refugees/wars/and general crap happening in the world?  I mean seriously! I have to ask for the TV to be turned off or channel changed in public places due to the news being shown. It’s simply not appropriate for children.

 My list could go on, but I think this is a start that may help you xx



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