Forward Reflecting

Oh, how quickly a year can pass!!  And before we know it, we are getting into the hustle and bustle of going back to school.  Getting uniforms ready, everything labeled and perhaps even certain areas around the house configured so we are better organized for the year.

As a new decade has rolled around, we tend to reflect back on all our ups and downs, and perhaps how we can do things differently in the coming year.  I invite you to reflect forward, especially for our children going to school in order to make it a fulfilling year for them helping them to thrive and learn.

What does reflecting forward mean?

Let me share this little story with you first.  When my youngest started foundation in 2019, there was a rise in my anxiety levels and apprehension to how he will cope, what his year would look like, if he will make friends etc…  He is such a sensitive soul who picks up on everyone’s feelings, I stressed he would be occupied with being the people pleaser and not fitting in anywhere.  Boy did he prove me wrong!  He not only excelled, he actually superseded all of my expectations.  How?  I reflected forward once I made friends with my worries.

What reflecting forward means is to envision the outcome you want for the day, month, year ahead.  It is an amazing practice to master as it trumps over fears, worries and anxiety.  Normally anxiety is about what we cannot control in the future.  However, if we can think about what we want, what it looks like, how it makes us feel, and focus on that instead of what we don’t want, the anxiety dissipates and we can end up having a successful outcome. 

If you are in a place right now thinking ahead of all the things YOU DON’T WANT, this is a good place to start.  When we know what we don’t want we can flip it to work out what it is we DO WANT and focus on that instead.

So imagine focusing on how your child will become resilient in the face of adversity, because let’s face it that is what school is really about learning, or how your child will expand their intellectual knowledge instead of what challenges they will face would be much more helpful don’t you think!

And remember, your vibe passes unto your child, so if you want them to not be anxious, check in with your feelings and let that be their mirror.

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