Family Holiday Mindset

What is your ideal family holiday and What does it look like?

I always imagined having children who would be into travel like me. Who may want to travel the world and explore different cultures, learn new languages, tantalize their taste buds with new food.  I pictured children excited about being on a plane, getting all creative about flying up in the air and disappearing into the clouds.  I envisioned adventure, excitement, everybody getting along and quite honestly kids crashing in the evening from all the day’s activities so that us parents could have our own time!

Fast forward to our current holiday, it is far from my imagined picture as it can possibly get.  I started off being so exhausted and taking the boys out anywhere was becoming quite unpleasant. They are waking up as early as 5am and dragging themselves throughout the day. And the first few days, everyone was very grumpy.

Here are 4 simple ways I dealt with it all that may also help you if you are faced with a similar situation:

  1. Be aware of your expectations and mindset –What headspace are you in? Are you getting to bed early so you can deal with the 5am wake ups?  As for me, the hardest part was getting over the picture I had in my head of how the holiday SHOULD play out, rather than just letting play out how it was. Once I shifted my perception, the whole situation changed. I now was focused on what was happening and finding joy in that rather than expecting my kids to be a way I wanted them to be. 
  2. Take mini breaks within the day – Have a nap or time out by yourself. And then do the same for your partner. Give them the space to rejuvenate so that they can get on board with the kids. You will both handle them so much better from a rested space. 
  3. Understand where your children are at – And plan accordingly! If your children are waking at 5am and being so tired, is it wise to fit in so much in a day? We ended up going to Seaworld one day and having a day at our resort the next playing with sand and splashing at the beach.  We alternated our trips out so they fitted with our boys’ energy and their behaviour. Nothing is worse than dragging a tired screaming child thru a theme park! 
  4. Throw routine out the window. At home, you may certain rules of when is bed time, no naps, this or that. You are on holidays. Make it so that fun, calm and flow is your priority and if it doesn’t fit into that bin it!

Now let’s plan that next holiday 😉

Marilou Coombe @ Orchestrate Parental Hub

Family life coach


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