Aahhh… the colder weather is upon us and geez, I am not sure how I feel about it.  I dream of a life where I could spend 6 months of the warmer weather in Melbourne and 6 months somewhere up north with warmer weather.

That also means missing the football season and all those sessions where I stand in the rain to support my boys playing their favourite game.  It means not dealing with the things that make me feel uncomfortable.  It also means not growing and stretching myself outside of my comfort zone.  Being a mum to boys has taught me so much about myself I would not have otherwise explored. 

Earlier on in their childhood, I was very protective about the boys being outdoor in the winter season.  I was raised to stay indoors when wet and cold.  I believed that the cold weather made you sick.  I then found research that shows how children hugely benefit by spending at least three hours outdoors a day — and preferably left to their own devices out in nature.  This included in the colder weather.  I started learning about the benefits of eco play.  I started to understand why it is important to be connected to all the elements of nature – in Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.  Each season has a benefit on how it contributes to our children’s growth.

Reading about forest education and bush kindergartens, I started to see how children in areas like Scandinavia thrived and performed better with their motor skills.  It was evident that it wasn’t the weather that made a child sick, it was the way that the child was dressed inappropriately so they could not handle the climate.  So, I got the boys wet weather overalls so we could go to the park and play in the rain when they were 3 and 1.  It was hard work at first, but oh my goodness, so much fun. Especially going down the slide when wet!  I slowly let go of any inhibitions of getting dirty and even enjoyed getting muddy and splashing around in puddles.

Until recently I thought I was doing well but then was tested at my son’s AFL game where they played in the rain. I felt those old feelings rise yet remembered all our wet muddy play and was able to let go. He enjoyed his rained-on game the most so far! It teaches him resilience, strength and courage.

And his joy became my joy! So, for now, we will remain here in the colder months, enjoying the activities, the fun and the learnings.  And I will continue to grow! ffffffffff

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