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Recently, our friends dog had to be put to sleep! It was so devastating for the family involved.  I was so surprised at how my own 6-year-old son reacted.  I openly talk about death in our family and want my children to feel safe and comforted when the topic arises.  So we have been hit even harder with the impending death of my own father.  His health declined so fast and now we are waiting the inevitable.

You see, death is the only event that is guaranteed to happen to us. And maybe Tax. Everything else is within our control and yet as a society we think we can elude it and live forever.  Then we only awaken when we have a close loved one about to pass away.  Let that not be the case. 

What if we CHOSE to live everyday as if it is our last one?

You know when the children are driving you nuts and not putting their shoes on to get out the door on time for school?  How would you react if that was the last moment you may spend with them?  Would your stress levels increase or decrease? Would you possibly speak to them with more love, which will perhaps help them get their shoes on faster anyway?

I guess we can argue, how do we balance living everyday as our last and planning for the future at the same time?

I am not suggesting we do not plan for the future, however plan whilst still living in the moment.  Learn to remove stress from your life and do the things that make your heart sing.  Look at the bigger picture and ask yourself “How important is this to me?” and “When my time comes is this something I will regret doing or not doing?”.

It has made our whole family re-assess the way we live and these are some of the questions I have asked myself:

How can I live life to my fullest potential?

How am I showing the people in my life how much they mean to me?

What do I need to do to get my affairs in order so that my children are taken care of?

What am I taking anything for granted?

How can I focus on what is important to me?

Death can be a taboo and uncomfortable subject.  However, by talking about our loved ones that have passed, humans or fur babies, we can begin to heal and celebrate the life that they also loved. This is how legacies are created and cherished.

From my heart to yours! Live consciously and with love!

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