Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher


I just want to tell you I appreciate you. I appreciate what you do for my child in the classroom. The way you listen to him, help him understand his letters and numbers. I love the way you encourage him to understand complex tasks. I also appreciate when you yell at him when he is not doing what he is expected. It makes him realise that not only mums get frustrated with their children and that we all have emotions we are still learning to regulate.


I want to also let you know that I understand your job may be challenging at times. I only have 2 children to look after. I can only imagine the skills needed to look after and teach up to 26 students at once! Some days I get that it may be us parents that are the challenge, not the children, right?!


The hardest part sending my son to school was the feeling of letting go and trusting someone else to do my job for me for a big chunk of the day 5 times a week.  Thank you for easing my mind in communicating with me when needed and let me know about his progress. Thank you for listening to my concerns and working together to achieve a solution.


I just want to let you know you are appreciated in case you did not know!

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