Dear Mum…

Dear Mum,

I love you. Thank you.

Until I became a mother I never knew of the sacrifices you did for us.  In all aspects of your life including yourself, relationship, work and your social life. Especially in those early years.

You never complained about:

·       The long birthing experience you went thru, only to be told after 23 hours you must have a caesarian.

·       The broken sleep in those early years or the kicks you got in the back whilst we co-slept

·       The cracked nipples and breast pain due to mastitis

·       The stained clothes due to our grubby fingers

·       The pain that you clearly felt yet were gracious enough to turn around and say “well I love you” after I said that I hated you!

·       The activities you had to drive around dropping us off at

·       The late nights you stayed up with me getting homework done

·       And the late nights you stayed up waiting for me to get home at ungodly morning hours

The list goes on…

There is so much to thank you for. Above all, the awareness that has been bought on how I want to raise my own children and being my sounding board nowadays on how I am parenting.  Having my own children and challenges, has made me appreciate you so much more than I already did.  I know so many women who have had rocky relationships with their mothers and sadly pass on those patterns unto their children.  You taught me that patterns like that can be broken. That we get to choose how we want our family to be. I get to choose to raise boys who are compassionate yet strong through my own modelling like you did for us.  

For anyone who is not so close with their own mother, I urge you to find the value in what she has taught you regardless.  Whether it is to raise your own children the total polar opposite of how you were raised or the awareness that you now have on how to parent your own children.  And to find compassion in your heart for what she must have been going through herself.  Nothing in life ever prepares you for this journey called parenthood.  If it wasn’t for my village of people, including my own mother, I am not sure if I would be the mother I am today.  Perhaps your own mum did not have that!

Parenthood has definitely taught me that we all have our own demons to wrestle with. And this would have been the same for our own mothers.  So please be as gentle with them and yourself xx

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