Bye Bye New Year’s Resolution!

Have you made a New Year’s resolution and by mid -February you have not only broken it but are also doing whatever you said you would quit to do even more?  Funny how the brain and what we think willpower is work.  You see energy flows where focus goes, Right? So, it’s only natural when you say, for example, “I will lose weight, I need to go to the gym”, you will break that as your energy and focus is on not being overweight and loosing weight.  If you can shift that focus to being healthy and have a strong WHY behind wanting to lose weight, you are more likely to achieve your goal.

5 years ago, I began to create vision boards with my intentions and things I would like to achieve for the year.  And I started to pay attention to the energy behind why and what I wanted.  I came up with 7 steps to manifest what it is I desired.  Plus, this is a great way to live consciously.

1.  Decide what you want.

– What are your intentions or goals for the next 12-months, 2-years or 5-years?

– Brainstorm a list of everything you want to achieve

– be as specific as you can be – details can be really powerful

2.  Believe in yourself.

– Use positive self-talk – I can, I am…

– Engage trusted people in your network to talk about your goals and awesome intentions!

– Use positive language at all times

3.  Build on your core genius.

– What are you great at?

– What are you passionate about?

– What makes you happy that keeps you awake at night?

4.  Build an awesome dream team

– Create supportive network of those that cheer you and pull you up when needed

– Participate in a community of like-minded people – support each other in bringing your goals and dreams into reality

– Engage professionals when needed

5.  Visualise.

– Imagine your dreams becoming a reality (engage all your senses to do this)

– Declare your desired outcomes out loud

– Create your dream board

6.  Take action

– You need to plan and take steps to achieve your goals

– Periodically re-assess your goals and adjust where necessary

-Chunk Down your task list if need be

7.  Celebrate.

– Express gratitude every time you achieve something on your board

– Keep a record of your wonderful wins to reflect on whenever times are more challenging

– Share and celebrate your wins

Say hello to setting your intentions and achieving them in 2019 xx

1 thought on “Bye Bye New Year’s Resolution!”

  1. That’s awesome!
    I love the way you’ve broken it down to easy steps/chunks.
    I changed my language about “new year’s resolutions” to “goals”. The guide above is going to help me to get it down even better!!
    Thank you!

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